Packs of 6 extra-large deeply scented coconut wax melts.

After a year of thorough testing we believe we have found the very best fragrance oils which we expertly blend with sustainable coconut wax to create the ultimate in luxury wax melts. We don't ever use additives like glitters, colors or mica powders because they don't add to the scent, nor are they earth-friendly.

All of our packaging is biodegradable and plastic free, even down to the tapes we use to seal our shipping boxes, so you can treat yourselves without any guilt at all! 

As far as gifting goes, you wont find a more perfect product to suit any taste, decor or recipient.


It goes without saying that you should never leave a burning candle, or hot wax, unattended.

Please use a wax warmer that is at least 10cm from base to bowl. Smaller warmers can overheat which can become a fire hazard.

Never move a wax warmer when in use. Hot wax can scold, and your warmers become very hot when in use.

Keep wax warmers away from drafts, and always ensure that no debris or water gets into the bowl of the warmer.

Only ever use a 4-hour tea-light. We know it is tempting to use a bigger candle in your warmer, but this can cause a fire as they can cause the warmer to overheat. Whilst you may feel you get a stronger scent throw using a more powerful tea-light, you are actually just burning the scent off quicker, reducing the life of your wax melts.

Happy Melting!