Packs of 6 extra large cubes of deeply therapeutic essential oil infused wax melts.

Essential oils can provide a powerful way to prevent and reduce some of the common ailments that we all suffer at times. Stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, congestion and hangovers can really get us all down, so our aim was to combine beautiful home fragrance with fantastic benefits to the people in the home too!

We started creating these melts when we realized that wax melts we were buying were, whilst lovely to look at, actually full of nasties! Glitters were fun to look at, but of course were being heated up and inhaled (and who wants to inhale plastic?!). Mica powders were fascinating to watch swirling and dancing in our burners, but did you know that they are mined in horrific conditions by extremely poorly treated people? As soon as we realised what we had been funding we decided to do our own research and release a set of clean, natural, sustainable melts, and Wisteria Wax was born!

We combine the benefits of aromatherapy with coconut wax because we believe that coconut wax is the most earth-friendly wax available. Most people use soy, as did we at the beginning, but the popularity of soy wax is now leading to severe deforestation in many regions of the world. so as soon as we realized this we changed over to coconut and we've never looked back. It is not over-farmed, nor is it farmed on a large scale, so in using this vegan product we know that we are also financing a small business and not a huge conglomerate. It's a win-win really!


Your safety is really important to us, so please take the time to read through the following recommendations:

Never leave a burning candle, or hot wax, unattended.

Never leave a candle or hot wax within reach of pets or children.

Never use a tea-light that is larger than a 4-hour one. Larger tea-lights can cause fire by overheating the warmer or wax.

Always ensure that your wax bowl is kept clean of debris and water.

If you see any cracks or chips in your wax warmer please discontinue use and replace with a new one.

Always keep your warmer away from drafts.