About Me!

Wisteria Wax was created in 2020, when our search for clean wax melts landed us at a dead end. We loved some of the scents we found, but really didn't love the idea of heating up paraffin, glitters and additives for our families to inhale. 

Although I'm a busy mum to three children, and my business partner, Britt, had four children of her own, we decided that if we couldn't buy them we'd make them ourselves and so began our adventure!

One of the things that had a been an issue for me for many years was ups and downs with my mental health. I'd suffered PTSD since I was a teenager, and although there were various things that had helped to ease the effects of it, one of the products I had found most beneficial was essential oils. I used lavender for baths and bed time, lemon and other citrus oils for refreshing the mind and giving me some energy, and floral oils like rose and ylang-ylang when I wanted to enjoy some relaxation in the evenings. I knew they worked for me, so we decided to get creative with the same oils and try to make them into wax melts.

It sounds simple..but there are some rules for candle and wax melt makers, and they are pretty strict! All of our oils and blends had to come with SDS and CLP information, so we had to find a reputable company to blend the oils for us and provide us with the correct certificates. Essential oils react differently to fragrance oils when heated, so we had to experiment with the temperature of the molten waxes too. On top of which, I have my two best friends to consider too! Those pups are sensitive souls and react to almost EVERYTHING, so I needed to make absolutely certain that all the oils we used were animal friendly too.

It goes without saying that the environment is a huge factor when we came up with our product line. There was no way we would consider using any products that were tested on animals, and all ingredients needed to be sustainable, earth-friendly and, as much as possible, vegan too.

Sadly, Britt moved to Yorkshire, so, although we remain 'bff's', we decided that our business partnership would end and I became a reluctant 1-man band!

We had started off using soy wax, and it worked fairly well. However, there has been a massive surge in the popularity of soy wax, which has lead to it being mass produced in places that don't respect the employment laws that we do. As soon as I realized that we may be contributing to child-labour and environmental damage I stopped buying soy and moved over to coconut. Coconut wax is the most earth-friendly and sustainable wax available to buy. It is completely natural and grown by small farms that produce the wax as a waste product once the coconut water, cream, meat and shells have been used. Making a couple of wax melts for ourselves long before turned into gifting them to friends, who then wanted to buy them for their families who, in turn, recommended us to others..so the website was born! IT is definitely NOT my 'gift', so it has definitely been a learning curve that's for sure!

A year or so later and I have just started a luxury fragrance line which includes premium candles and wax melts. It has been almost a year of testing for this range because the same rules applied as those for our essential oil range. All of the oils used in this range are phthalate free, animal cruelty free and clean burning. I still don't use any artificial colorants or additives, so every breath you take when enjoying my products does you, and the planet, good.

Wisteria Wax is constantly evolving! Evenings are spent researching, testing and designing, and I wouldn't change that for anything. Weekends are for craft fairs, gifting events and markets. I know how fab my products are..and I can't wait for you to feel the amazing benefits that I do!