Wax Melt Safety

Our wax melts are a blend of essential oils and soy wax. They can be used in candle warmers and electric warmers, though you may notice a difference between the two! Candle warmers should only ever be used with a 4 hour (max) tea light. Tea lights larger than this may cause your warmer to get too hot and this can cause a fire. Candle warmers usually reach higher temperatures than electric bulb warmers, so you may notice a stronger scent throw. On the other hand, when using an electric warmer, the lower temperature may mean that your melts throw off scent for longer. 

How to use

Either pop one or two individual melts, or a tea spoon full of your wax pod, into the dish of your chosen wax warmer.

Pop a 4 hour tea light into the specific space of your warmer, or switch your electric warmer on.

As your wax melts it will warm up, allowing the essential oils to be released into the air. It is normal to see a vapour trail, this is not smoke, it is simply the essential oils being released.

You will be able to use the same wax for up to 12 hours, depending on the temperature of your warmer and your scent strength preference.

If you wish to remove your wax there are a number of different ways to do this. Once melted you can pop a cotton wool pad into the dish, absorbing the wax and then disposing of it safely. Or you can wait for the wax to fully solidify, warm it for a minute and pop the hard wax out whole.


Never leave a wax warmer or candle burning out of sight.

Never overfill your wax warmer. This can cause a spillage which may be a fire hazard.

Never leave wax warmers or candles in reach of children or pets.

Never use a tea light for more than 4 hours at a time.

Do not ingest wax melts. If a melt is ingested seek medical attention and show them the ingredients printed on the packaging.

Never try to move a wax warmer during use. Wax warmers get very hot and should only be moved when fully cooled.

Never use scented tea lights in a wax warmer. These release artificial scents that can reach very high temperatures within your warmer and are a fire hazard.