''Ahmar' Wax Melts

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A masterpiece is how we describe this pack of 6 beautiful wax melts.
Egyptian top notes of saffron and jasmine grandiflorum delicately accentuate the powdery, gourmand facets of Moroccan bitter almond. These mingle beautifully with amberwood and ambergris and finally blend with a scent of resin that softens the cedar in a woody musk accord. This is a truly stunning luxury pack of melts, that will richly scent your whole home.
We use only the finest oils and blend them with sustainable, vegan friendly coconut wax to give you a premium product that does good things for you AND the planet.
- Biodegradable, plastic-free packaging.
- Up to 80 hours scent release per pack of 6.
Place one melt in the warming dish of your burner with a 4-hour tea-light beneath. When no more scent is released, pop the hardened wax out and replace with another melt.